Musical “40-45” about the Second world War takes place in temporary musical arena in Puurs

The new musical Studio 100 about the Second world War, “40-45”, takes place in a large musical arena in a meadow in Puurs. This temporary musical-arena is the new Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater, that later will be used for other productions, such as the anniversary show of Q3, and the sprookjesmusicals of Studio 100.

The previous muisical “14-18” drew about 335.000 visitors. Due to the great success of that musical began Studio 100 fairly quickly on the preparations of the successor. The new musical tells the story of the resistance in Flanders during world WAR ii. The entertainment company from Belgium, suggested the plan of the new musical this afternoon in Puurs to the press.

For the event builds Spantech, a company specializing in temporary theaterconstructies, a huge, temporary aluminium construction. Studio 100 wants to the musical as long as possible to allow them to continue in the temporary arena. “We hope that as many people as possible that the musical would like to see him be effective,” says Gert Verhulst. Later programs the company from Schelle are still plenty of other productions in the musical arena. Which was immediately renamed the Studio 100’s Pop-Up Theater.

The premiere will take place on 7 October 2018. Studio 100 chose October because it is over a hundred years ago that the First world War ended and the moment the seed for the Second Wereldooorlog was laid.

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