Mattis ’army dreamers’ is not from USA

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WASHINGTON – The Us Defence secretary Jim Mattis has Thursday said that military personnel, who as a child illegally to the US are received and there are raised, not will be expelled when their residence permit expires. A few exceptions are allowed to the ’army dreamers’ to remain, even if the so-called DACA program that has them now, still protected by the government-Trump is abolished.

“We always stand right behind our people,” said Mattis. He provided the approximately eight hundred soldiers who the audience is has certainty about their future status. The minister added that only in the case of a “serious” crime, a different decision may be taken either as a federal judge to order deportation.

The Pentagon reporters wanted to also Mattis know where the big military parade, which president Donald Trump dreaming of, should be taken. “I have understood that he who is in Washington, D. C. want to – but that is a good question. I will see what options we can think of.”

Mattis said no have been in contact with the local government, because the government still is. The parade to the American troops in the limelight, would also be at a different location. The city council of Washington found the proposal the tanks on Pennsylvania Avenue, between the Capitol and the White House, to roll frankly ridiculous.

Trump came up with the idea for that feast, after he last year in Paris on quatorze juillet’ an impressive example had seen. Critics fakkelden the plan immediately. They find that the millions that the spectacle cost be better spent on reducing the overload of army units.

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