Martin Schulz takes off

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Under pressure from the growing criticism, Martin Schulz decided yet, but no minister of Foreign Affairs.

SPD president Martin Schulz was Wednesday praise for the way he led the negotiations on a grand coalition httphandler. He managed not only the three ‘heavy’ ministerportefeuilles Foreign Affairs, Justice and Social Affairs maintain that the SPD is already in the outgoing government held, but rijfde in addition, Finance.

That was the price that the CDU had to pay to a government to be formed with the social democrats, after their elections. but node about participating in government wanted to talk. For Schulz, it was the trophy that he thought his party members across the finish line to be able to attract to the coalition agreement in the coming weeks to approve.

But that he himself was also minister of Foreign Affairs wanted to be, I passed less swiftly in the ranks. Schulz had always said that he is ” the minister wanted to be in a government of Angela Merkel. Now did he all of a sudden, anyway. It was already the second time that he has since the election-a 180 degree turn made.

Sigmar Gabriel passed?

Also, the fact that Schulz in that corner rücksichtlos his “friend,” Sigmar Gabriel to the side has pushed, he was heavily charged. Gabriel saw at the beginning of last year of the partijvoorzitterschap and the candidacy for the kanselierschap in favour of Schulz, and became minister of Foreign Affairs. Schulz would make him, according to the German media have promised that in the next government, which portfolio would retain. But eventually ‘picked up’ he they got themselves into. Gabriel reproached him yesterday in an interview ‘woordbreuk’, without however themselves updated which promise him understand was done.

In a communication, Schulz this afternoon that he wants that the coalition agreement is approved. “The discussion about my person, I fear that approval is endangered. Therefore, I see this off to a member of the government. I hope at the same time that the discussions on personnel issues within the SPD are finished.’

Those who are now called the post of Foreign Affairs, is not yet known. Sigmar Gabriel is a contender with dot.

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