Little viewers for Karen Damen

0b844c566260a2433c65f85f82d24c26 - Little viewers for Karen Damen

The program, “Karen makes a record” has not a good start. Last Wednesday, looked according to the newspapers of “media house”, just 221.262 people to the program that Karen Damen us an insight into the preparations of the recording of her first album. Karen attracted nearly 40,000 people, more to FOUR than the program house hunting but, perhaps, she had expected better. Even at FOUR, they will probably not find a hole in the sky jump as “Karen makes up a plate” had almost everything to score: a good show, there was a lot of advertising for the start of the program, but also a lot of unsecured. On one at the time was the program “the man” with Saartje Vandendriessche (804.525 viewers), VTM was The new season of Sons of Of As of start, good for 660.062 viewers.

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