Leslie Jones takes olympic tweeting again

2869583de99f7653a424264189789747 - Leslie Jones takes olympic tweeting again

In 2016, she was also already active during the summer Olympics in Rio.

Leslie Jones has her hobby, 2016 is picked up again. The actress and comedian also provides for these Olympic Games of comments via Twitter.

The summer Olympics of 2016 in Rio were the tweets from the wildly enthusiastic Leslie is so popular, that the American channel NBC to its immediate correspondent made. Also this time she is again switched on by the transmitter, for which she traveled to Pyeongchang. “The Play experience through the eyes of Leslie is beyond compare,” said the programmabaas of NBC. “Her passion for Team USA is contagious, and her adventures in South Korea will be fascinating.”

Leslie will be in South Korea for the camera, athletes, and meet with other films, but in the meantime twitters the Saturday Night Live-castlid their tricks on the loose. So she joked Thursday night with images of a figure skater who crashed after a jump: “If no one has been telling you that there is ice on the ground”, she declared with a small clip of a jump in the freestyleskiën: “So I dive into every night my bed.”

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