Kelis wants more money from ex Nas

9748ba244428de474473f1fabad53469 - Kelis wants more money from ex Nas

Kelis wants her ex-husband Nas his wallet, pulls and more maintenance is going to pay. The $ 8000 that the singer now get per month, according to her, too little to their eight-year-old son Knight to maintain.

Kelis has, according to TMZ, a request to increase the allowance made to the court. Rapper Nas would now earn much more money than when the scheme was established, about five years ago. How much extra money Kelis requires, is not known. She wants at least half of the school fees, insurance and other costs of pay.

Nas and Kelis divorced in 2010 after a marriage of six years. Last december our Nas is still more the cooperation of his ex-wife to his son more to see.

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