Kelis wants more alimony from ex-husband Nas

afb34b4f55e8a4e946be8eaa093d83fa - Kelis wants more alimony from ex-husband Nas

Kelis has with the court a request for more alimony from her ex-husband Nas. The singer is of the opinion that the $ 8,000 (6,500 euros) per month that she gets not enough more to their 8-year-old son to care for.

That reports TMZ.

According to Maidu (38) conforms to the amount five years ago, it was determined no longer to meet the costs of caring for her son to cover. She is also of the opinion that Nas (44). today, more money than he at the time did, and a higher amount for him so shouldn’t be a problem.

The singer mentions in the documents, no specific amount, but what they also get, them at least every month the half of the school fees, the ziekteverzekeringskosten and general expenses can pay.

At the beginning of January got Nas is still to the right. The rapper then demanded a better access for the Knight, because he thought he was his son too little saw. It is not known how this lawsuit.

Nas and Kelis divorced in 2010 after a marriage of six years. The r&b singer got in november 2015 a second son.

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