Kamal Kharmach is the new weekwatcher

8d73d2db3621006cb7ab4845a6028b84 - Kamal Kharmach is the new weekwatcher

Kamal is a man who is already known if we are only his first name to mention, in Full, is the Kamal Kharmach and now Saturday is the humorist, the weekwatcher at Radio 2. Between 8 and 10 hours will receive Ruben Van Gucht, the presenter of “The Collective Memory” on One brasserie Gusto in Antwerp. Dana Winner comes as a musical guest for her birthday celebration in The Weekwatchers.
The other permanent guests are: Frank Deboosere, Hans Otten, Bas Birker and Matthieu & Guillaume.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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