Joaquin Phoenix endorses the role of The Joker in upcoming movie

8e18f62bf9127ccab9d0f7505749a7b5 - Joaquin Phoenix endorses the role of The Joker in upcoming movie

The American actor Joaquin Phoenix has agreed to the role of The Joker in the upcoming movie about the origins of the criminal clown. That reveals entertainmentmagazine Variety. Although the negotiations with the studio hasn’t started yet, has Phoenix already endorsed to director Todd Phillips.

The spin-off will tell the story of The Joker, the criminal adversary of Batman from the comics of DC Comics. According to certain sources, would the plot play out in the 80’s and focusing on the development of the misdaadcarrière of The Joker. According to the same sources, would the film be immersed in a gray misdaadsfeertje – similar to The “Dark Knight” films of Christopher Nolan.

Phoenix was reportedly the first choice of director Phillips to the role to life. The actor would have agreed, but it is still waiting for the green light from the studio. According to rumors, it was Leonardo DiCaprio first approached for the role, but that slope went out. Phoenix last year, was still to be seen in “You Were Never Really Here’, which is a seven minute long standing ovation was given at the Cannes film festival. Phoenix won the prize for best actor.

Insiders report that Jared Leto, who was seen in ‘Suicide Squad’ as The Joker, still on board as the characters in the DC universe and the choice of Phoenix as the Joker will have no impact on future DC films. Leto is likely to be again in the skin of the supervillain crawl for ‘Suicide Squad 2’.

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