Jill Peeters is angry

588dd3033b235328156fc9a155b67317 - Jill Peeters is angry

The ladies and gentlemen weathermen/weervrouwen are Friday under fire. Following is the predicted chaos because of the snow that Thursday was predicted. Kris Peeters did Thursday, the warm call to as much as possible from home to work. According to him, was necessary because the RMI code orange had predicted. But the weervoorspellers are now the victim of this story, because they get the public opinion a lot of along, and that casts them not.

One of them is Jill Peeters, who at Medialaan the beautiful weather. “I give it gladly if I’m wrong, but I’m really bad. Please Stop with all the unwarranted blame. There is a difference between ‘my weather’ and ‘the alarm’ from my name-enjoyed (no family)”, wrote Jill Friday on Twitter. And also her colleague Frank Duboccage responds via Twitter: “Why can’t we here in our country not just say that the today from the coast the light turns to snow? No, I hear heavy showers, and that with just 2-5cm of snow that is expected?? Sorry, this had to be a moment of my heart.”

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