Jennifer Garner in new comedy Lena Dunham

250e06231d8dfca6968a305c4ac75062 - Jennifer Garner in new comedy Lena Dunham

Jennifer Garner will play the leading role in the Camping, a new televisiecomedy written by Lena Dunham. It is the first tv role for Jennifer ever since Alias from 2001 to 2006 in played.

HBO series the Campsite is about a couple on a camping trip with a group of friends to the forty-five anniversary of the man of the couple to celebrate. That results, according to the press release from HBO in “a weekend of on the test set marriages and a crime among women that will not soon be forgotten. Also, bears.”

The series is based on a British comedy of the same name. Lena and her co-producer Jenni Konner have an order of eight episodes, compliments of HBO.

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