Jan Versteegh is wedding officiant in Zaanstad

30c3b53783aff0b67658337cbabf1fd3 - Jan Versteegh is wedding officiant in Zaanstad

Presenter Jan Versteegh goes marriages conclude in the municipality of Zaanstad. The BNNVARA-presenter stepping in the footsteps of his mother who is also special officer of the civil status (babs).

Monday makes Versteegh knowledge with the local councillor Rita Visscher, and he applies his trouwtoga, announces the municipality. Dirk Zeelenberg and Xander de Buisonjé may in Zaanstad marriages are taking place.

There are an average of five hundred weddings per year in Zaanstad. On average, 260 of which are to be carried out by officials of the municipality. The other 240 wedding ceremonies take the extraordinary officers of the civil status for their account. With Versteegh added the number of babsen in Zaanstad on twelve.

Jan Versteegh, who in 2016 in the zangprogramma It Takes 2 also all of a other hand, showed, soon also his debut. In the movie Crazy of Orange from director Pim van Hoeve, Monday, premiere, plays Versteegh, the role of a soccer star.

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