Hundreds of people buy ‘last will-powder

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More than 300 Dutch have a lethal powder ordered through one of the joint inkoopgroepen that the Cooperative’s Last Will (CLW) rural set-up. It can be punishable.

‘Do I still have clients?” Frank Vandendries of the Foundation LevenseindeCounseling (three employees) means joking. He accompanies for years people in the Netherlands with questions about the end …

‘Do I still have clients?” Frank Vandendries of the Foundation LevenseindeCounseling (three employees) means joking. He accompanies for years people in the Netherlands with questions about the end of their life. The are usually older people who are wondering how their last years meaningful can spend.

Some also want to know how they are, if it’s so far, a painless way to end their life. They want to do it yourself, and not always with a doctor to talk about it. Sometimes because they are still healthy and have no chance to meet the requirements of the euthanasiewet, sometimes because they find that a doctor has nothing to do with their death wish.

Vandendries gives them more information about how deadly drugs can come. As Vandendries, there are many ‘levenseindebegeleiders’. At the Dutch Association for a Voluntary end of Life (NVVE) work, as a volunteer, about a hundred ‘levenseindeconsulenten’.

And then there is the Cooperative Last Will

Foundation The Horizon has ten and a handful of levenseindebegeleiders works independently. Their ‘customer base’ would like Vandendries suspect, shaken up by a new and radical player on the market: the Cooperative Last Will.

This cooperation made in september known a legal means to have found that people on a humane way to end their life. It is a preservative that is used in hospitals to mold.

The interest is great: the membership of the society grew in just a few months of 3,400 to 20,000 members. More than 300 people have now the Means of X’ in the house. From protocols and contracts that were recently shared with members (NRC, she got owned), it now appears for the first time, how the cooperative distribution has been addressed.

How does the ‘human laatstewilmiddel’?

About a more’human laatstewilmiddel’ is already fierce social debate since Huib Drion in the early nineties came up with the idea for the ‘Pill of Drion’. Then was the euthanasiewet (2002) introduced that ensures that people who ‘unbearable and hopeless suffering’ euthanasia, when two medical doctors observe.

But there were also always people who are not serious and hopeless suffering, but a deliberate death wish.

The ‘Via X’ is the first real attempt a ‘Pill of Drion’ to introduce.

How does it work? People are member of a buying. The intention is that they are a information visit. The name of the agent must remain secret: only buyers know that.

The “buyer” buys the product in bulk and distribute it among the individual members, who has authorized. The members buy 2 grams of the powder in combination with a safe (180 euro), that can be opened with their fingerprint.

Through a contract, members must promise it means only itself, and the organization is not ‘liable’ for ‘any damages’. The CLW would thus indicate that the members ‘autonomous and responsible individuals are for their own life and death want to have, ” says CLW-chairman, Jos District.

The cooperative tries carefully to act, is evident from the protocols and contracts. People need at least half a year (before she joined a buying connect. That applies if cooling-off period. They can the means to buy only in combination with the safe. Buyers will get “a responsibility” to look at whether the members wilsbekwaam are and know what they are doing.

The CLW-board of directors feels that members need to be aware of the possible risks. For example, the control wilsbekwaamheid no further than the judgment of the purchasers, and project leaders and be in the safety deposit box also spare keys supplied.

‘Finally, say many counselors, there is a laatstewilmiddel’

In the small world of levenseindebegeleiders the reactions to the rapid development of the society is predominantly positive. Finally, say many counselors, there is a ” laatstewilmiddel’ that allows people to real self-determination.

The Dutch Association for a Voluntary end of Life, has 167,000 members, letting them know that it ‘a huge step’ for people who ‘do not depend on want of doctors or other care providers’.

Philip Nitschke, the Australian author of the Peaceful Pill handbook which foreign addresses where euthanatica sale, says : “I stand firmly behind the philosophy of the society.’

However, there are also concerns

But there are also. Other than levenseindebegeleiders the CLW no in-depth discussions with members about their wilsbekwaamheid or the background of their desire to die.

Levenseindecounselor Ton Vink Velp is afraid that psychologically vulnerable people simply to lethal means. ‘Between the people who have become members, certainly vulnerable.’

Frank Vandendries understand, just as a Check, and Nitschke, not that CLW is the name of the product secret want to keep. ‘It amazes me that so many thousands of people a means in house want that they don’t know what it is, ” says Vandendries.

He sees that the society is safe, try to act with a biometric safety deposit box, protocols, and contracts, but find that there is a ‘false sense of security’. Says a half years to be a member, but something about the care and the well considered and are of a levenseindebesluit?

Also, legal concerns, by the way

Then there are the possible legal risks. Ton Vink, the levenseindecounselor from Velp, the netherlands, publishes an article in the Nederlands Juristenblad, in which he argues that the CLW-procedure criminal assistance to suicide would be. He points out that the Public prosecution service, the line uses that people who are interested in human suicide must only be noted on public information and their moral support should be provided.

Finch writes: “the Selected members of the CLW will be the means for the suicide order and the other members provide. Because the tool secret should remain, is the information that they use to provide to the instruction. As soon as the suicide follows means that a violation of article 294 (assisted suicide)”.

On the legal plane seems to be an exciting battle to serve. The 180 euros that members pay for the deadly powder, writes the CLW, is used to a legal fund. CLW-chairman, Jos District is not worried about possible prosecution. Are cooperative gives members, according to him, only information about action, side effects, safety and alternatives”. He adds: ‘The rest they do themselves.’

Those who have questions around suicide, you can visit the Zelfmoordlijn on the toll-free number to 1813 and on the website

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