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Home-grown actor four times convicted and sentenced by magistrate

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Actor Sam Louwyck (51) is Friday for the fourth time by the magistrate and sentenced. He got a fine and a driving ban. ‘My lesson I have now learned, ” he says to The Newspaper.

Sam Louwyck – ‘den Hollander’ in the fiction series Growing your Own – appeared Friday before the magistrate. He had to be there to justify because he for the fourth time under the influence of alcohol behind the wheel was caught. This time, he was in may last year in Ostend, by the police stopped. A breath test showed that he was 1,4 promille alcohol in his blood.

“I was geïntoxiceerd, but not drunk,” says the dancer/actor. “Of course I am in error. That is also the reason why I’ve come. I want to m’n take responsibility and apologize.’

‘Tough one’

Louwyck was in 2007 and 2009 had already been convicted for driving under the influence. Also in 2016, that was the case. When he was two per cent caught after a theatre performance. He then declared that he had two gin-tonics had been drunk. The judge gave him a fine and a driving ban.

But a year later was Louwyck again caught. This time, drank a few pints too many when a co-pilot ‘unloaded’. And the actor is now much regret. “This is a tough one. And I take this is certainly not frivolous. I had been in that condition never in the car may steps. That I understand myself all too well. I have learned my lesson and they will not see.”

The lawyer Louwyck, referred to the heavy job of the actor. “There is a lot of people requested. They should always be looking for new projects to search, ” he said. “That weighs on people. And he was looking for an outlet. Although he knows that he should not have been driving.’

Tournée Minérale?

The magistrate asked if Louwyck not participated in Tournée Mineral. Who heard it, however, in Cologne the fall. “But of course I know what that is,” he said after the meeting. “I was only a little surprised by that question. Hence my frank is not directly fell.’

The court showed themselves to be remarkably mild. Louwyck was sentenced to a fine of 3,200 euros, half of which is conditional, and a driving ban of three months. If he is then his driver’s license back wants to get he will have to pass medical and psychological tests and are of theoretical and practical driving test re-take. ‘And write it: they will see me here no more’, which closed Louwyck.

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