Health Danish prince Henrik have seriously deteriorated

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The health status of the Danish prince Henrik is seriously deteriorated. That the Danish royal family today to let them know. Crown prince Frederik (49), one of his sons, has been staying in South Korea, where he the opening of the Olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang would attend, paused, and on the way back home.

The 83-year-old Henrik, husband of the Danish queen Margrethe (77), is since last month with pneumonia in a hospital in Copenhagen. He walked up the infection during a vacation in Egypt. In Denmark, it was a benign tumor in his linkerlong discovered.

In september last year announced that Henrik is suffering alzheimer’s disease and his royal activities would continue to reduce. He had in 2016 are already a lot of official activities shall be deleted.

Queen Margrethe married Henrik in 1967. In 1972 she became monarch. The couple has two sons, in addition to Frederik also Joachim.

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