Gabriel pulls out to Schulz

5fafac48f2104f7de3af07d7aba4c475 - Gabriel pulls out to Schulz

BERLIN – In respect of his impending retirement as minister of Foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel, SPD leader Martin Schulz accused of woordbreuk. “What is left is actually only regret about how disrespectful we in the SPD deal with each other and how little a given word represents,” said Gabriel in an interview in the newspapers of the Funke media group.

Gabriel, who last year made way for Schulz as party chairman and candidate for the bondskanselierschap, did not say exactly what kind of a promise he had received. The story goes that he, his chief minister would hold if there is a new coalition with the CDU/CSU would come. Then it was claimed Schulz suddenly, even though he had always called never in a cabinet of Angela Merkel will sit down.

For Gabriel threatens, therefore, a fall of the political scene, even though he is loved by the supporters of the social democrats. “For me, now begins a new time. My little daughter Marie said this morning, ’don’t worry, daddy. Now you can have more time with our spend. That is still better than that man with all that hair in his face’.”

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