Financial support Soros for anti-Brexitcampagne

66a788df450aa4cfbdc49dcaa5fdb7b9 - Financial support Soros for anti-Brexitcampagne

LONDON – The billionaire George Soros appears to be the main financier of a British campaign to a new Brexit referendum to write. He has so far four tonnes of donated. The campaign for the new referendum at the end of this month to start.

Opponents of Brexit want to in the course of this year, plenty of demonstrations to keep and also active advertising, as appears from plans of Battle for Britain, the organisation behind the campaign. Battle for Britain tried in the past weeks Conservative lenders to spawn to their commitment to a new referendum to support it. Nick Timothy, until last year the right hand of prime minister Theresa May, heard of the plans and reported about it in the newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

According to Timothy goes to an effort to keep the government from Theresa May to the fall. These struggles to find a collective point of view about the form that Brexit should get. Proponents of a hard line – way with the internal market and the customs union – arguing openly with members of cabinets who think that such a move is too much damage caused.

The involvement of Soros is also salient. He was 25 years ago, responsible for the departure of the British from the European Monetary System, the precursor of the euro. He speculated at the time massively on a decline in the price of the pound. When this happened, and he earned more than 1 billion pounds.

The failure caused the flare up of the always latent anti-EU feelings in the Uk. A portion of the proceeds he uses to the fellow by him damage – he is an opponent of Brexit – repair.

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