Filemon Wesselink: “Still, no dog meat for me in Pyeongchang’

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Today in Pyeongchang, South Korea, the winter Olympics start. Filemon Wesselink, a daily report of the global sporting event, which saw his visit as a great opportunity to a new experience of his bucketlist check off, namely, the eating of dog meat. Saw, because now see the presenter from the Asian delicacy. “It came as something of a joke to me.”

Five years Filemon to see in Try Before You die, in which he with presenters like Katja Schuurman, Sophie Hilbrand, Sander Lantinga did things you should have done before you die. Now is the BNN-program for almost seven years of the tube, but that keeps Philemon not of the border to continue to search. “I’m very curious about the dog”, was the presenter last week know in conversation with skater Kai Verbij. “That they eat in South Korea much? You can choose between a Danish dog or a dachshund. I’m going to be tasting. Not a whole dog, just a roll dog.”

The statements of Philemon animal rights organisation PETA is a thorn in the eye. A spokesperson for The Telegraph/Private know: The hondenvleesindustrie caused to countless animals unimaginable fear, pain, and suffering in the world called into question for its horrible cruel practices. It is not funny or original to this industry to support – it is disgusting and amoral. There would be no animal slaughtered for a quick bite, and we encourage those who are disgusted with the selfish desire of this presenter to have a dog to hurt to change what’s on their own plate by vegan to be.”

Cruel meat industry

Also by these words unto Philemon, a decision was taken the piece of dog meat still pass. “It came as something of a joke to me”, he tells The Telegraph/Private. “I didn’t know that there is a cruel industry behind it, that I later understood. That’s why I have no dog meat to eat. I myself am not a big meat eater, and if I eat organic or bio-dynamic. I eat with my family one or two times per week meat, and mostly fish.”

Philemon, who is also on Twitter and Facebook the necessary criticism it got, let it know that he is not ready to jump to aggressive reactions on social media. “My children can now read. But I’m always open for discussion and good arguments.”

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