Farthest picture ever made

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BALTIMORE – A U.s. space probe, the farthest picture ever made. 6.1 billion kilometers away from earth, beyond Pluto, the New Horizons are a couple of images. First, one of a so-called open cluster (nicknamed The Wensput), then of two boulders that revolve around the sun.

The old record was in hands of the Voyager 1. Who looked on 14 February 1990 behind to our solar system. On that famous photograph of the earth seen as a faint blue speck. Therefore, it is called the photo Pale Blue Dot.

The New Horizons was launched in 2006 and flew in July 2015 along the dwarf planet Pluto. He is now with a speed of 1 million miles per day on the way to the rock 2014 MU69. On January 1, 2019, he flies there right along. The probe is now in a daze. To June 4, he woke up. Around 2047 will be the New Horizons to the edge of our solar system to reach. It is not known whether he still works.

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