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F1 pilot, Fernando Alonso can find the Toyota TS050 a special machine

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At the end of last year if Fernando Alonso the Toyota TS050 questioning in Bahrain and he was pretty impressed.

It is widely known that F1 pilot Fernando Alonso on the hunt for the “Triple Crown”. He already has one-third of its assignment is completed by the GP of Monaco on his name to write, now have the Indy 500 and the 24 hours of Le Mans to follow.

Last year made Alonso an attempt to make the Indy 500 to his list of achievements is to add but that story ended with a blown Honda engine. This year he wants his chances in the 24 hours of Le Mans with Toyota, and after the first test kilometres was the Spaniard impressed with his game.

“The car is fantastic, very special,” said Alonso. “The four-wheel drive in combination with the hybrid system means that the acceleration feels like a rocket.”

“If you are from bend and you will be really in your chair pushed in, and your eyes wide open. Each racepiloot that would at least once have experienced.”

“It is a privilege to be able to racing for a big team such as Toyota, and that on the most beautiful circuits in the world. That is really a dream come true.”

It is immense pressure for Alonso in 2018, but his contract with McLaren remains his number one priority. Despite this, the Spaniard’t wait to start.

“I can’t wait until June,” Alonso continued. “I know that I for the big race is still some testing to do because you are well prepared and that the race should be respected. I’m going to my best to do.”

“I’m going to try to be as prepared and ready,” concludes Alonso.

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