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Evers staat op in Pyeongchang

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From Monday the state radio-dj Edwin Evers for two weeks in South Korea. The 538-ochtendshow will be at the Winter games in Pyeongchang be broadcast live from the Holland Heineken House.

Listeners may already be a number of years, the atmosphere of the Olympics at the radio station tests. Since the Games in Sydney in 2000, is Edwin Evers each year of the party. The are all the tenth Play for Evers! He leaves this year, not only to the spectacle. Also Rick Romijn, Niels van Baarlen, Jelte van der Goot and comedians Viggo Waas and Peter Heerschop follow the athletes up close.

Opening Ceremony Winter Olympics

At the time of the opening ceremony were the dj’s are still in the plane. “It is no different,” says Evers at RTL Boulevard. As a sports enthusiast, he tries to get as many as possible races to see. “It is unique in the games and that the chance I take. Sure if I have athletes in the studio get, talk a bit easier as I myself am.” The chances are that he is the gold paste, so close to see; with top athletes and medal winners and their coaches will be in the Holland Heineken House sit.

André Hazes

Besides athletes are also artists like André Hazes, Dutch singer VanVelzen and DI-RECT a party to celebrate. Or that in the English singing is still the question. The transmitter is every morning a Dutch song in Korean to hear, after which listeners must try to hit the recommended. Getting up early is not there at all when: the program begins in South Korea, only to two o’clock in the afternoon in the country in the morning broadcast. The program ” Evers staat op in Pyeongchang’ is starting on Monday, February 12, broadcast daily between 06:00 and 10:00.

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