EU warns London about transition after brexit

29e5214cacefadef6cf8101503466aee - EU warns London about transition after brexit

BRUSSELS – The by London requested transitional period after the brexit in 2019 is not attainable. The chief negotiator for the EU, Michel Barnier, to warn the British government that they have a number of ’non-negotiable’ terms and conditions for the transition of almost two years.

Barnier said at a press conference after a new round of talks this week between London and Brussels about the departure of Britain from the EU. He denied that the British as downright threatening with the firing of such a transition period, but said be “surprised” about the arrangement of London.

So, the British in the transitional period do not have the same rights award to EU-citizens coming to the country to move as to non-British EU citizens who already live. It also acknowledges London the authority of the European Court of Justice in the transitional period until 2020.

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