Don Diablo: My mom is the boss

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Don Diablo: My mom is the boss

He is number 11 in the DJ Mag Top 100, has millions of followers on social media and launchte Wednesday in spectacular fashion with his new album Future, in his own words, his greatest body of work ever. Don Diablo, it has never been so busy and that is very positive: “I say, 2018, is for me a very good start and I plan to use that line the rest of the year.”

“Many people ask me:” why an album at this time?’ If you are dj / producer, there are two things to expect: whether you make records on the radio are played, or you make music you in the clubs can run, the area in between is grey. I’ve spent the past few years in the studio creative completely let go.” The album was a bit of a noteworthy project, such as Diablo own words. “I’m there 3 or 4 years ago started. People saw me busy on social media, thought I with something big was busy, but asked also: is it still there? Half of 2017, I was suddenly with 25 songs and I had to choose. Eventually contains Future sixteen tracks.”

International success

Don Diablo has become an artist of world stature, already is in the Netherlands, certainly not all of his success on the height: “Last time I was stopped by a policeman who said to me: ‘I used to be a real fan of yours, what happened?’ Dutch media are often focused on a number of people, which people sometimes miss. I feel sometimes the pressure to defend myself and tell them with whom I have ever worked with. Madonna, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Justin Bieber, perhaps heard of it?’”

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Collaborations are the result of his international breakthrough. This came after a turning point in his life, the death of his father five years ago, the fight against cancer lost. “I can use my breakthrough, but to a person attribute and that it is up to him. In a kind of final conversation with my father, he said to me: follow your heart. That may sound cheesy, but after his death I had so much fire in my body, so much energy. I wanted him proud. This is the worst thing that could happen, I thought. Now I have nothing more to lose. For the first time in my life I had a clear vision.”

Ode to the fans

“When my father lost in thought a lot of people: he is cracking. What got me on the leg has been taken, is the contact with people.” Diablo refers also to the contact with fans. Everybody’s somebody, nobody’s nobody, his first single from the album, Future, is an ode to them. “I get a lot of messages from people that my music is going through a dark time has helped. There are struggling as much as people with their identity, they are afraid that they are going to not achieve what they want to achieve. My message is: just be proud of what you do and try not too much to look into others. Also I struggle every day with myself.”

The second single from the Future is a collaboration with Calem Scott, known for Britain’s Got Talent and the Robyn cover Dancing On My Own. “It was my personal mission to get him on my album, for my mother. His BGT audition is 3 million views, of which my mother is responsible for 1 million views. Don and his mother have a special bond: “My mother is the boss. When I am asked what the most beautiful show of 2017, then I can have the 1000 performances to mention, but the most remarkable moment was that I have taken on the mainstage of Tomorrowland. She is now a cultheld become, not a show goes by without that I have someone in the audience to see a photo of my mother in his hands. She is really a part of the person that I am today.”

From 20,000 to 3 million followers

A little wereldartiest today has a considerable fanbase on social media, so, too, Don Diablo. He started a few years ago with 20,000 fans on Facebook, now there are almost three million. “I have to be myself still pinching that that is true. You begin this all on your own and you think: ‘who cares?’ First, it was fairly local, but at a certain point it was becoming more and more international. Social media continued to grow.” Don is also on social media itself to the buttons: “None of my management or record label has access to my social accounts. For me, social media is part of who I am as an artist, it is very personal and like my music, my videos and my clothes [Don Diablo has its own clothing line, ed.] a representation of myself. I want nice things and to share with them.”

With his new album Future hear also a tour with Don Diablo seven cities in the United States and fifteen in Europe is hurting. For the American section, he addresses the big tree, his performances in Europe are much more intimate. “People are closer to you, what it to personalize. In addition, can in this way also people who have less money to spend at my shows. I want everyone to have an equal opportunity to participate.” The income of his European tour all go to KWF. “It concerns me not only to collect money for research, that I have people speak who have to deal with cancer and that I let them have a heart under the belt under the belt in place is an even bigger part of my approach.”

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