Don Diablo brings second album

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Don Diablo has Friday, his second album was released. The album is called Future, and contains sixteen tracks. “All the songs tell their own story, both musically and lyrically,” says the 37-year-old dj.

“I wanted this to be a motivating album would be innovative would be on a perfect level. From future house to future pop, and everything in between. I feel blessed to have worked with new talents in the vocal area, as James Newsman, Nina Standard, Betty Who, Calum Scott and many others. For me, they represent the future and their talent is an important part of this album.”

Don Diablo produced the vocals on three songs. “That makes this album one of the most personal things that I have seen in a long time have done. After the past few years, many singles and remixes have been released, it feels fantastic to have finally a new album to my fans to be able to present it.”

Don Pepijn Schipper, such as the Dutch producer and dj actually called, took a few years, the time for his second album, but promises his fans not again as long as wait. “I’m still just as inspired as I have ever been to, so the next album will definitely not be another six to ten years.”

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