Director Brett Ratner may woman who him accused of rape to sue

Director Brett Ratner may be lasteraanklacht against Melanie Kohler, who him accused of rape to continue. That a judge in Hawaii on Thursday.

Kohler put the allegation on 20 October on Facebook. After a phone call from the lawyer from Ratner removed the post two hours later.

On november 1, the day on which six others, among whom were actress Olivia Munn, the director accused of sexual abuse and misconduct in the LA Times, complained Ratner Kohler because of slander. He claims that the Facebookbericht his reputation has damaged.

The woman had requested the court to dismiss the case, but that request was Thursday, so rejected.

The Rush Hourdirector and harnessed the lawsuit in Hawaii, where Kohler lives. The judge ruled in his judgment, however, that the case under the California anti-SLAPP statute falls, because the rape in California, the place would have found. That law, intended to free speech to protect, lasterzaken such as that of Ratner harder to convert.

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