Daughter Richard Pryor: “Daddy had sex with Marlon Brando

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Not everyone believes that Richard Pryor really had sex with Marlon Brando, and that is especially true for his daughter Rain. On Facebook responded they Thursday, furious at the rumors and the confirmation thereof by Jennifer Lee.

It was the legendary music producer Quincy Jones that the rumours set in motion with statements about Marlon Brando: “He slept with everyone: James Baldwin, Richard Pryor, Marvin Gaye.” Attached Pryors wife Jennifer Lee these rumors. Daughter Rain is there to put it mildly, not happy. “Daddy had NO relationship with Brando. There were no visits, no flowers and love letters. Why all of a sudden that interest to my father? I find it distasteful and it makes me furious,” she writes on Facebook.

She writes about the openness that Pryor showed about his life and loves. “He was so open about it that the news of his relationship with a transgender woman in the early’ 70’s, and 80 do not even really newsworthy. As a child I knew her as the woman that everyone was accepted. The acceptance was so great, that I did not even know that she is a transgender was until recently.”

She has no good word to say about Quincy Jones. “He was once a brilliant music producer who has lost and has decided for himself publicity with a thrill-interview. He spewed a lie about my father, who was not there to defend themselves. And on top of all that, claims my father’s widow that det’s right, because they themselves want to justify, and my father wants to tarnish, even after his death. She hated Q and daddy.” In the numerous responses to her message, she gets a lot of support and sympathy.

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