China regulates tourism to south pole

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BEIJING – China on Friday announced measures in the vulnerable ecology of the antarctic to protect it from tourists. There may not be any longer in the wild may be hunted or built and the earth and rocks in the area may not be taken into account, reports the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

Tourists to Antarctica are going to have all their waste taken back or the areas burned. Who breaks the rules must themselves bear the costs of recovery of the deterioration of the area.

The number of Chinese that a trip to the icy south, book has increased in recent years. Went in 2005 only a little more than a hundred Chinese to the south pole, last year there were already 5300. This form Chinese the main source of tourist income for the Antarctic after the United States.

The Chinese visit to the south pole, the Great Wall-research centre. The Chinese centre is one of sixty temperatures in the area of thirty different countries.

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