Bodies death father, Britt Dekker to save six lives

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The father of Britt Dekker, who in november died, was a organ donor and according to the realityster there are six lives have been saved thanks to his organs.

Dekker told Thursday in The World Runs By the death of her father and the unexpected positive consequences that this has proved to have.

“He had the donorpasje in his purse, and had just registered,” says the 25-year-old Dekker in conversation with Mathijs van Nieuwkerk. “It turned out that he had already six lives have been saved.”

“I think that’s very cool.” The paardenvlogger tells that her father, William, shortly before his death, a man had met whose life was saved because he was a new liver. That meant that he decided to register as organ donors.

“We are very sad, but in the rest of the Netherlands, now people call with: you get a new kidney, you will get a new liver. I find that law very well,” says Dekker, on the proposal of the Second Member of parliament Pia Dijkstra (D66) people now a donor, unless they have any objections. Next week agree to the senate on this proposal and it will be clear whether the law passage.

Best mattie

Willem Dekker died in november after a fall in the bakery where he worked. Dekker wrote on Instagram that she’s at the airport for a trip to Africa when she heard that her father had fallen. “After 24 hours of hope, he has this ultimately may not survive and we are our best mattie and father lost.”

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