‘Belgian Oxfam’s director in Haiti and let himself go with prostitutes’

aff567d396ed47da94fea6fb7bad4ed6 - ‘Belgian Oxfam's director in Haiti and let himself go with prostitutes’

Employees of Oxfam, have occurred in 2010 in Haiti with prostitutes, and all at the expense of the ngo. That writes the British newspaper The Times on Friday.

The orgies in homes and hotels paid for by Oxfam took place during a humanitarian mission after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, where nearly 300,000 deaths. Oxfam denies that she has tried to make the case in the cover up.

The Times cites a source who says the images are seen to have of one of those wild nights. The girls of pleasure would be when T-shirts from Oxfam have worn. The ngo started in 2011 an internal study, that a “culture of impunity” among its employees to the light brought. According to The Times could Oxfam also not exclude that some of the escortemeisjes were minors.

Belgian director

The Belgian Roland van Hauwermeiren, Oxfam’s director in Haiti, resigned, but received no disciplinary sanction, although he reportedly had admitted that he prostitutes had turned on, writes the newspaper. Some other workers took redundancy, four were after the internal investigation to the house returned.

‘The local manager has all the responsibility for the events that are under his authority have played out, and he received permission to resign, because he, without reservation, had cooperated in the investigation, ” says an Oxfam spokesperson.


The aid agency denies the case in the cover up have to want to stop to its reputation.

Justice in Haiti started no research, because it is not about the case was informed.

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