’Abdeslam is not complicit’

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BRUSSELS – Salah Abdeslam was yesterday not present in the Brussels court, but was defended by his lawyer Sven Mary. According to his defence counsel is ’publieksvijand number 1 ” is not guilty of the shooting in Frost where he is this week for a visit.

The only surviving terrorist from the attacks of the 13th of november 2015 in Paris said Monday, though he did not do, and only trust in Allah. Sven Mary defends him anyway, because he believes that ’the barbarians, a middle finger can give’, by showing that the legal system them fair deals.

Abdeslam fled Paris on the evening of the attacks of the 13th of november, presumably because the bomvest did it. He hid with Soufiane Ayari and Mohamed Belkaïd in an apartment in Frost, where the police on march 15, 2016 invaded. Belkaïd opened fire on the agents, four of which were injured. He survived the shooting.

The public prosecutor suspects that Ayari on the police shot, but there is no evidence that Abdeslam shots has discharged. However, they will find that the attack on the police must be seen as a terrorist act of the three. They demanded against both defendants to twenty years.

According to Sven Mary there was no evidence of premeditation and not of a terrorist act. When the police invaded, decided Belkaïd to shoot; it was not a plan by which the three the whole of Belgium wanted to take.

The court’s late april ruling.

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