Showbiz see effect new diet on his health

69466f31e3d0d27925abcc2616489e66 - see effect new diet on his health and is more than happy with the new lifestyle that he embraced has: vegan food. The musical all-rounder announced at the end of 2017 to now have a different bow to want to throw and feels now better than ever. The differences with his old lifestyle are alarmingly, he let Twitter know.

The 42-year-old posted a video from the period before he vegan started eating. “My face is swollen, I weighed 95 kilos, I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I was not healthy when this was filmed and that I can see in my face,” he writes.

The singer used on his social media, often the hashtag VGANG, which stands for Vegan Hallway, after he late last year to a clinic in Santa Monica came to his lifestyle drastically to adapt. According to his spokesman ’he learned all about vegan food in combination with hiking, yoga and other sports’. “It pleased him so well, that he this line has to be extended.”

In an earlier interview had already mentioned that he ’would make no sense in eating that ’pimped’ by the food industry.’ “I will not be diabetic by the food that I serve.”

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