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Well-known Dutch poet Lucebert dweepte with nazism

0dd256e9c2d3bcb3467ea5c7f0eaad2d - Well-known Dutch poet Lucebert dweepte with nazism

The Dutch poet Lucebert (1924-1994) during the Second world War, volunteered in the German arms industry worked. He wrote also letters with anti-semitic intent. That, says the writer, Wim Hazeu in an interview with Trouw. Hazeu wrote a biography of Lucebert, which today appears.

It was known that Lucebert during the war years in Germany worked, but the poet suggested that he forced to do so. According to Hazeu, he reported in 1943 as a 19-year-old, however, volunteered for the so-called Arbeidseinsatz. He would be deluded by German propaganda and home have want to escape.

“But the anti-semitism amazed me at all,” says Hazeu. He received letters in hands that Lucebert from Germany wrote to a friend. Therein, he speaks of the ‘Jewish sjacherige zwetsaard’ and ‘machtjoden’.

Lucebert applies in the Netherlands as one of the greatest post-war poets. He received the P. C. Hooftprijs, and the Dutch literature Prize.

In his poems has Hazeu no anti-semitism found. According to the writer, the poet ‘was born out of his experiences during the war’.

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