Victim Roman Polanski washes Quentin Tarantino the ears

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Samantha Geimer hopes that the director otherwise about her verkrachtingszaak is thinking.

The woman who Roman Polanski blamed her as a child to have raped, has her arrows now focused on Quentin Tarantino. Who said she the sex wanted with the Chinatown director, and that there is rape no question.

Samantha Geimer made headlines when she was 13 years old, after she claimed that Polanski her during a party at Jack Nicholson’s house in Los Angeles in 1977, had been abused.

Polanski was indicted on charges of rape, sodomy and supplying drugs to a minor, but to conclude a deal with the prosecutor, he was only found guilty for unlawful sex with a minor. He fled, however, the United States while he was awaiting a formal condemnation and has since lived in exile.

Last Monday was the case back in the case because of images of an interview in 2003 of Tarantino with shockjock Howard Stern. Again took the interview for a lot of outrage, because the director of Inglourious Basterds repeatedly Polanski defended. So says Tarantino that he Polanski’s not a rapist considers. “He had sex with a minor, that is not rape … he was guilty of sex with a minor.”

When Sterns sidekick Robin Quivers themselves with it was to interfere, and said that Geimer didn’t have sex wanted to have with Polanski, said Tarantino that she sex wanted with the man.

“He was wrong, and I am convinced that he knows,”said Geiner in a response to New York Daily News. Further, she said to hope that Tarantino stops the spreading of such stupid talk.

Geimer, Polanski’s long ago forgiven, insists that she is not aware of Tarantino’s old comments, but she hopes that he has of mind is changed: “I’m not upset, but I’d probably feel better if he now realizes that he is wrong. It is now fifteen years later and he now knows the facts.”

The comments of Tarantino from 2003 were raked up, after actress Uma Thurman him accused of abuse of her on the set of their crime thriller Kill Bill (2003). The actress claimed that she often was left in a car after a stunt error was gone. The director had forced her behind the wheel of an unsafe car to creep. Tarantino gave then admits that he regrets the failed stunt.

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