United States pro-government forces in Syria

828e83862271fb9c2e5d7c8d63cb16b9 - United States pro-government forces in Syria

The U.s. army has in Syria, an airstrike conducted on the pro-government forces. Previously they had a headquarters of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) attacked, says the US-led coalition against IS Wednesday night.

The attack took Wednesday place in the central Eufraatvallei. In the headquarters of the SDF were also soldiers of the coalition against IS, it sounds. The raid on the pro-government forces would be an act of self-defense.

It is the line of communication of the USA in Syria that they are outside the civil war love and just compete against terreurbeweging. But last year, they ran several pro-government militias. Every time they talked about verdedigingsmaatregelen.


The US military works in the fight against IS, together with the covenant of the SDF, led by the Kurdish militia YPG.

Turkey is at the end of January in Afrin, in northern Syria, a large military operation started against YPG. For the Turks are Kurdish ‘Volksbeschermingseenheden’ an extension of the Kurdish workers Party PKK. If the Turkish operation to the Euphrates to cross, then they are not far removed from the places where the Americans stop.

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