The true stunt of Nancy Pelosi

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It was already in 1909 ago that someone another eight hours to one-piece speeches in the American parliament. But all media in the world added immediately: “And on high heels!’ Equal they had. But how unhealthy are high heels really do?

Eight hours on one piece. What an attack on the bladder that must have been. But if you know in advance, you can still collect. Even with a diaper. If you are advertising should believe that …

Eight hours on one piece. What an attack on the bladder that must have been. But if you know in advance, you can still collect. Even with a diaper. If you have the advertising to believe, that nowadays, still invisible.

Ginger Rogers also did something strafs

But eight hours on high heels! Even a man can imagine that it is an attack on your muscles and joints. Bandwerkers, nurses, teachers, hairdressers and waiters to know what it is to be all day on the leg. Several Canadian provinces introduced last year, a law in which employers prohibit their staff to demand that she wear heels (in the UK took a similar law, despite a petition with 150,000 signatures). You will people with a standing profession rarely wear high heels show wear – still at work.

If feminists want to indicate how strongly women to be underestimated, is one of the classics: ‘Ginger Rogers did the same dance steps as Fred Astaire, but backward and in high heels’. Heels make the work more difficult. But how unhealthy are those high heels really do? And why wear women they still?

Yes, they are sexy

Let’s not beat about the bush: high heels are sexy. In psychologentaal: they bring psychoseksueel advantage. The stretched calf muscles make the calf muscles more elegant. But there is more. Recent research showed that there is an even more important effect. By on your toes, your center of gravity to the front, and that you have to compensate through your upper body backwards to push. You make a hollow back. And a hollow back to make it is in many animal species is a sexual signal: I am ready to mate. That hollow back also stresses the line of the buttocks, and a hups ass is also exciting. Just ask Kim Kardashian. That hollow back also to back pain leads, yeah. The game of the sexes should be played.

Of the families spoken to, it was actually the high heel first men. He served, in order to avoid your foot from the stirrup slipped. Louis XIV wore with pride shoes with high heels. The armor had taken from the men’s fashion disappeared; the task is to suggest that the wearer is a great warrior, fell on the ceremonial sword and the high heels. It was only in the nineteenth century, high heels an exclusive vrouwenzaak – the cowboys just not counted.

Suffering for the good cause

To sexy about to come, switch women a part of the carrying capacity of their feet: all the weight is now on the ball, and the toes. And a foot is not a good medium: it is actually the modified rear hand of a friend, was originally meant to be a quarter of the weight transfer, not the half.

A review of the literature in the journal BMC Public Health , let there be no doubt about that: on your toes portrait orientation, the entire shock absorption of the foot away. Already stepping away, you can your foot not rolling down, but if you move in spurts. Your achilles tendon is extra charged (making them stiffer), and your calf muscles to shrink. Also your hamstring see. Your knees, just about the most complex joint in your body, the shock absorption of your feet take over, and that could be to early wear and tear (osteoarthritis) led – though it is not yet in epidemiological research proven.

That sexy hollow back puts additional stress on muscles and tendons in the buttocks, hips, and lower back. And even on your shoulders. Your unnatural step, your spine will otherwise move, also with effect on the muscles in your low back. And then, we were still not even on the eksterogen, blisters, botknobbels and ingrown toenails because you have to for pushed toes to get.

Your calf muscle shortens and achilles tendon stiffens from long-term to wear high heels, so you only less motile. Therefore your body is not only in charge while wearing high heels, but also when you are followed by periods of flat runs, wrote researchers from a Finnish and an Australian university in the journal of Physiology. That she was previously research confirmed from the universities of Manchester and Vienna, in the Journal of Experimental Biology. And then there are the hamertenen, with permanently condensed teenspieren.

Social coercion

It is therefore not surprising that an extensive survey of the American podiatrists (voetartsen) in 2014 found that the majority of the foot problems in women of high heels. The doctors agree: the only real solution is to not make high heels more. But that’s not psychologically feasible. No one wants to be in the battle for attention from the opposite sex to stand at the back. For some, that high heels even a part of their identity.

What interesting question does arise as to: choose women’s sexy pumps to draw, or are they there by the pressure of the men and their environment forced? The hoofddoekendebat, quoi. The policy of the Cannes film festival to high heels, is already a few years under fire from women who wonder what is wrong with chic sandals. Porn actresses complain that the most difficult is not the athletic positions are, that belong to the box, but the high heeled shoes that they are expected to wear.

Buy lots of shoes!

The podiatrists also have advice for those her stilettos not want to – or should – discard: change daily the height of your heels, making the load on your muscles, tendons and joints every time something else is. That gives you a medical reason to have a lot of shoes to buy. Caution: flip-flops are not a good idea. Those who are are flat, but now you walk with cramped toes.

Stretching exercises also help. Charge your foot and vice versa by a book under the ball of your foot, so that your heels lower than your toes. Or pull your toes towards you with a scarf. Or pull your toes with your hands, that gives attractive thighs and buttocks.

Give us a emoji

The California Florrie Hutchinson is an action started to an emoji (a drawing that you can insert into TEXT messages) to get to a flat shoe or a balerina. Pumps you will find plenty. “I felt excluded. I could with not a single shoe in the offer identify.’

She got her design for a blue low shoe already in the list with emoji-finalists for 2018.

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