The Pfaffs want to return on tv

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The Pfaffs want to return on tv

Times the Pfaffs back on the tube?

The reality tv series, The Pfaffs will get back to you on television. That Jean-Marie Pfaff hinted in an interview.


“We already have many requests received to return with my family on television to come,” says the Belgian against The Latest News. “We are now eight years stopped with The Pfaffs, it would be nice to come back around the tenth year.”

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The reality tv series about the daily life of ex-goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff and his family, was for many years a thick kijkcijferhit, both in the Netherlands and in the South.

“The attention I miss. On the contrary, I’m still that regular guy of the people, that interest received for his athletic achievements. For that recognition, I am very grateful,” said Pfaff.

The return will be without the beloved Bompa. Who passed away in 2007.

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