The Pfaffs back on tv

1923ed2cda04172535d1769d04504b34 - The Pfaffs back on tv

Good news for all fans of the family Pfaff: they return on tv! That Jean-Marie was unveiled on The Latest News.

Loyal viewers still have some patience, because the realityster expected a comeback of his family on the tube only about two years. “We are now eight years stopped with The Pfaffs, it would be nice to come back around the tenth year.”

Or Jean-Marie, Carmen, Debby, Lyndsey and Kelly and their families in a reality tv series to see, know, the former top keeper yet. “We already have many requests received. We are now fully in the discussion to the proposals to consult.”

The pater familias is looking forward to a new program, but all the attention is absolutely not missed. “I’m still that regular guy of the people, that interest received for his athletic achievements. For that recognition, I am very grateful.”

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