The netherlands is helping North Korea to Play

f99c08dc44c5eec949c1486a0d3df559 - The netherlands is helping North Korea to Play

New York – Dutch diplomats at the UN headquarters in New York are actively involved in the much-discussed three-day visit of a North Korean delegation to the winter Olympics in South Korea.

Our country is this year a member of the UN Security council and also as chairman of the sanctions committee for North Korea was chosen.

South Korea has asked the Dutch delegation asked as a matter of urgency to examine the inreisverzoeken, because the North Korean delegation arrive for the opening ceremony in South Korea that Friday takes place.

The 90-year-old North Korean president Kim Yong-nam of the mission leads, has no travel bans, and can without any problem to the neighbouring country flying. Just as the sister of Kim Jong-un, the 30-year-old Kim Yo-jong, who was the director of Propaganda is in the dictatorship.

Black list

But the chairman of the North Korean sports association, Choe Hwi, as the sole member of a delegation on the black list of the UN, although the North Korean regime insist that he goes.

South Korea has in the Netherlands filed a request to accelerate the procedure to look for Choe yet. Our country has the remaining 14 Veiligheidsraadleden – including permanent members such as the USA, Russia and China – informed. If they do not agree, they had to protest to submit for today at 15.00 hours local time in New York (21: 00 in the Netherlands). This has not happened, which means that Choe is now the green light is given. Choe came last year on the black list when he was still director of the Propaganda was. The function that is now in the hands of the sister of Kim Jong-un.

According to UN diplomats, it is important for the dialogue with North Korea that Choe as chairman of the sports association also. In addition, the request came from neighboring South Korea. A riot over a rejected member of a delegation of North Korea would once again extra strain can give, as is to be heard in New York. Just now the conversations going again.

No protest

In the USA there is discontent that North Korea is the Play trying to hijack with attention to the delegation and the North Korean athletes. Yet the Americans not protest.

The American vice-resident Mike Pence has also been to South Korea travelled, together with the father of Otto Warmbier. This American student was arrested in North Korea where he was on vacation. Warmbier would have been abused and died shortly after his release in America.

Donald Trump recently received all of the 15 UN ambassadors of their countries in the Security council represented. During that lunch, it was also the Dutch UN ambassador Karel van Oosterom present in the White House. Trump warned during the call, once again, for the nuclear dangers of North Korea, and wants that ’Little Rocket Man’ Kim as quickly as possible without nuclear weapons.

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