‘The Breadwinner’ by Nora Twomey pedal Brussels film festival, Anima on course

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The Brussels Flageygebouw is preparing for a new edition of Anima, that tomorrow will kick off with the avant-premiere of “The Breadwinner,” about an Afghan girl that her father and family trying to save. The estimated 46,000 visitors can choose from an extensive range of 325 films from 42 different countries.

The opening film, which recently was nominated for the Oscar for best animated film, is already one to remember. ‘The Breadwinner’ is the first solo project by Nora Twomey, who previously worked on ‘Song of the Lake’ and ‘The Secret of Kells’. The film is based on the eponymous novel by Deborah Ellis from 2000, but was adapted to the recent developments in Afghanistan. The creators had the help of Angelina Jolie, who is very familiar with the country.

Also with Big Fish & Begonia’ of the film-makers Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun can actually not go wrong. Although of Chinese origin, does this print reminiscent of the masterpieces of the famous Japanese Studio Ghibli. In their reviews of the film described as a cross between Disney’s ‘Little mermaid’ and Miyazaki’s ‘Spirited Away: The journey of Chihiro”, which it is not so much need to have a strong storyline, but some very impressive scores on the visual plane. Fun guaranteed for whoever is willing is a good dose of surrealism for granted.

Completely different is the SF stop-motion UFO ‘Junk Head’, about a high-tech android that in a post-apocalyptic world the necessary information for the survival of the human species. This pearl was by the Japanese Takahide Hori for eight years, in his spare time, almost entirely patched together. “Phenomenal, visionary, of the pot ripped and amazing”, sound only laudatory comments.

Not new but recent, and also highly recommended is the multi-award winning film ‘Loving Vincent’, which is full with oil was made. The story is about the son of a postman who has a letter to deliver to the brother of Vincent Van Gogh, and more and more falls under the spell of the life and death of the artist.

The international festival of animation runs until 18 February. A part of the festival programme is also to be seen in theaters in Flanders and Wallonia.

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