Temptation Island: Fabrizio in tears?!

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Temptation Island: Fabrizio in tears?!

Day three has dawned on the Temptation Resorts. Last week were the ladies and gentlemen to see who the competition is and that sure was intense. False comments like “what’s up, coloring,” and other statements provided for a tense atmosphere. Let’s see if there still something is left of it…

Two weeks seems very short, but is secretly the best. Vanessa misses her Jeremy is huge and will sleep even with a pillow in replacement of Jeremy. All the ladies have it difficult, and vice versa, that is also the case. Tim is looking for the hut on to his egg. Fortunately, there is something where he can look after Temptation.

The day after there is always what to talk. Now, everyone is pretty neat, remained the same, but if anyone is on thin ice, Kevin. Last night he appeared to be very nice to have with Yasmin in the hammock. But Mezdi it was also a bit hard with Laetitia in his ear.

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Today the ladies for the first time on a date with one of the men. Danielle has no withdrawal period is needed and take Fabrizio. Megan had with Kevin, agreed on the dates to go with the least attractive men, and yet she takes Joshua. Of course, We had not expected otherwise.

On the other hand, will start with the ladies a waterballonnengevecht with the men, but Kevin does it quickly. He misses Megan very much and talk about it with Cherish. Cherish trying a few stinging questions about Megan such as “what if they do something wrong”, but Kevin was not in talking. This is ensured by the hammock.

Joshua and Megan are ended at a beautiful waterfall, the perfect place for long, thoughtful conversation. Megan tells a lot of personal things to Joshua and even says that they are now after a long time a time really happy. Would that have something to do with Kevin? Joshua continues to don’t understand that they, together with him is…

At Coconut Beach, the resort of the men, it is again almost time for a party. Laetitia has other plans and takes Mezdi is taken to a secluded place for a massage, but that strikes Mezdi immediately. “It’s intimate and you have minimal control and I think that’s not nice.” Laetitia a massage, he finds, however, no problem.

While Mezdi Laetitia massages, dances Danielle very intimate with Fabrizio. Blame the dance, shall we say? It is for Fabrizio still too early to say whether he is for Danielle to fall, but he feels it coming. To be continued, of course!

After the dates away the emotions and look, the ladies cabin on the tears free rein to let it go. Danielle chooses to only to cry on the beach. “I have a feeling that I have a piece of myself wrong.”

The ladies have a spoedberaad about the sincerity of the leaders. The continue to be deceivers, so you should still discuss it? Megan has her doubts and feels Joshua to the tooth. He is not here to play a game, he claims, but believe that Megan not at all. The tears begin to walk away when Joshua starts talking about the five missteps that Kevin has committed. See Megan now that that indeed is too much?

Vanessa is Megan come and sit to console her. Outside, Kevin had Megan not life, and therefore forgave him every time, but five times to have sex with another, that is not good to talk. “Only now do I realize what my head has done.” It seems that Megan this eye-opener was needed. Thank You Joshua!

The into the water in the water will be continued on the dry. Mezdi are looking for together with Laetitia the privacy of his room. Despite the fact that there are cameras in his room, there is a very intimate hug. Tim is worried and takes him aside. Mezdi: ,,There is nothing really exciting happened.”

Jeremy holds his head well. He enjoys the parties and all the beauty, but knows when he must stop. Two weeks of no sex for him is not a problem, but miss Vanessa is still heavier. He still has all the confidence in so to see..

Tim is planning to make Deborah at the wedding to ask if everything goes well. No wonder he has no trouble with the beautiful ladies who walk around. Deborah is the only one he thinks about every day. For Deborah, the same thing applies. She may be a lot with Gino, the only thing they talk about is about Tim.

Between Megan and Kevin is not so good as Deborah and Tim. After the conversation with Joshua is Megan still not get rid of him to save. A few drinks and intimate dances further, it seems they fully bloom next to him.

Joshua knows that he and Megan are dangerous are working on and trying to protect her by proposing that they go to bed, despite the fact that he would rather have the whole evening with her want to dance. The only thing Joshua wants is Megans eyes open and that works nice. “This is the first time in months that I’m entertainment.”

Who is even more of a besefmoment is Mezdi. Laetitia continues and Mezdi try not to kick it. He tries boundaries, but secretly, he’s already gone too far. Laetitia is sure to make the Mezdi extra hard to make and asks dancer Zwanetta to help. They are not the only one who can dance, because Danielle and Fabrizio show their scholar dancemoves to the rest and they were quite close, shall we say.

According to Gino let Fabrizio is completely charmed by Danielle. “She knows that she is good looking, and that used them as well.” Fabrizio doesn’t know what he to do with it and pulls himself back on the beach. Of course, Danielle this and she runs after him, but to no avail. The waterworks start and he can’t do. How Danielle danced and laughed with him was enough for him, alone is the not the case with Danielle.

Zwanetta’s plan seems to be working, and she goes along with Mezdi the sea. Tim sees it happen and does not want more to look at. “It’s dark and you’re going to the sea with a girl. That doesn’t look good.”

What have Mezdi and Zwanetta been up to in the sea? And how will things develop now with Fabrizio, and Danielle. Will Joshua Megan off and pick up of Kevin? Next week on Thursday the answers to these questions and many more. Check it at 20:30 on RTL 5 or immediately after the broadcast on the Metro!

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