Tarantino says sorry against Samantha Geimer

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Director Quentin Tarantino has regrets expressed about statements he has made about Samantha Geimer, the woman who years ago as a minor was abused by Roman Polanski. In 2003, he called the woman in a conversation with shockjock Howard Stern ’a party animal’ and he said also that they will not have to was forced to have sex with the film director.

The interview with Stern was last weekend dusted off after Uma Thurman a book open did about Tarantino and the events during the shooting of Kill Bill. She told me she almost strangled by the director during the shooting of a scene. Also, she had a stunt to perform in an inferior car.

In the interview with Stern took Tarantino for Polanski on, much to the dismay of Geimer. He immediately know that the film is completely wrong. Those words she repeated in last Tuesday again. “And I’m sure he also knows that he is not right”, she added.

Tarantino has Geimer now spoken, and his excuses made. He also gave a statement to the site IndieWire in which he publicly by the substance. “Fifteen years later, I realize that I wrong sat”, let him know. “When Howard the about Polanski had, I wanted to be the devil’s advocate play, and something provocerends say. In doing so, I totally ignore the feelings of Geimer and that I’m sorry.”

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