Steven Brunswijk stops Braboneger

04015233d3ba98017bf35eb3f6b5f98f - Steven Brunswijk stops Braboneger

Comedian Steven Brunswick stop with the memento of Braboneger. That told the Tilburger in a Frisian talk show. The criticism on his name is too big and gives too much problems.

There has been criticism on the name Braboneger. Brunswick now has the feeling that he by all the commotion no longer growing as a comedian. In addition, begin the Braboneger a burden for him to be. What was intended to bridge the gap between black and white, is becoming more of a wedge. Brunswick says that appearances on radio and television to brands. “People are relieved when they told me no Braboneger need to call.”

It is not yet clear when he last if Braboneger to see. Brunswick is doing a new theater program. There is no place for the Braboneger he said. “There are jokes in, but no more of that kwajongensdingen of Braboneger”, he added.

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