Spanish government: ‘Puigdemont can Belgian-Spanish relations harm’

4f776cf90144eee3fa4bf8d69889881f - Spanish government: ‘Puigdemont can Belgian-Spanish relations harm’

The presence in Belgium of the Catalan separatist leader Carles Puigdemont, and its intent to the region of Catalonia under his wing to take from a distance, over the longer term, cause damage to the ‘friendly relations’ between Belgium and Spain. That has the Spanish minister of Foreign Affairs, Alfonso Dastis said.

‘In principle he is allowed to live a normal life in Belgium, lead’, since he is by no international arrest warrant is endorsed, said Spanish foreign minister Dastis to the French agency AFP. “We find it absolutely not that Belgium is illegal states allows”.

That would, however, change if Puigdemont its intention to deliver, Catalonia from Belgium to lead. ‘Sure is, that this in political terms is not comfortable for the Belgian nor the Spanish government, warned Dastis.

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