‘Space-Tesla deviates from planned route

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The Tesla Roadster Tuesday night by the American entrepreneur Elon Musk, the space was launched, is its projected path deviated. The vehicle was heading now at a planetoïdengordel.

Musk launched Tuesday successful Falcon Heavy rocket, and left it as a playful experiment, a Tesla Roadster join. It was intended that that is in orbit around the sun would start circling, and at approximately the same distance as the distance between the sun and mars. But that is not successful.

It was Musk himself, who yesterday on Twitter and announced that the Tesla of its original route is deviated. The sports car is thus began a months-long, lonely journey through space, which is still a dramatic end will know also. It is more than likely that the car ultimately crashed into the will be deposited on one of the asteroids.

The launch of the Falcon Heavy may be generally acclaimed as very successful and spectacular, completely wrinkle-free is they are not expired. Not only did the Tesla Roadster of course, the ‘central part’ of the rocket crashed with high speed down in the Atlantic Ocean instead of on the conditioned platform. However, mention experts the difficult feat of Musk, a technical tour de force.


Last pic or Starman in Roadster enroute to Mars orbit and then the Asteroid Belt

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