Soros donates 453.000 euro to Brexit block

0207c779dc6aeb075426f57e0aae0c11 - Soros donates 453.000 euro to Brexit block

LONDON – The foundation of billionaire George Soros has tons earmarked for a campaign group that wants to prevent Britain leaving the EU. It is according to sources of the British media for a sum of 400,000 pounds (about 453.000 euro) that is transmitted through the Open Society Foundations of the philanthropist.

Chairman Mark Malloch-Brown of the action group ‘Best for Britain’, confirmed that the Hungarian-American billionaire “through his foundations to 400,000 pounds has been contributed.” The ex-minister stressed that small donors collectively a larger amount is collected.

The newspaper The Daily Telegraph a message that the action group, a second referendum will enforce. From a leaked document, it would appear that the group is planning to parliamentarians to persuade against a final brexit-deal with the EU to vote.

Malloch-Brown said according to The Guardian, that the British people should be able to announce a final agreement between London and Brussels. The chairman of Best for Britain suggested that the negotiations were “hijacked by a handful of hardliners.”

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