’Secret’ military parade, North Korea

5032ffa1395dbfa831870fabc130b82a - ’Secret’ military parade, North Korea

SEOUL – North Korea on Thursday with a large military parade held without that the media is broadcasted. The parade was a day for the opening of the Olympic Winter games in South Korea, where North Koreans go to are gone. Approximately 13,000 soldiers took part in the parade by approximately 50,000 people was seen.

Some observers suspect that dictator Kim Jong-un was so close to the play is not too much attention, wants to pull with the military, certainly not now the tensions between the stalinist North – western and South-Korea, thanks to the sportfestijn what are decreased. He let images of the parade later by the state television broadcast.

Except for athletes and a minister sends Kim also his sister, Kim Yo-jong to the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang and Gangneung. It is expected to be Friday in a privévliegtuig. In Gangneung, the 46 persons existing North Korean sportdelegatie Thursday officially welcomed. Moreover, South Korean folk dances performed and also played a female band out of North Korea.

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