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Saartje Vandendriessche breaks wrist for ‘the Man’

Saartje Vandendriessche (42) has a fracture in the wrist sustained during the filming of her program ‘the Man’. She was preparing for Crashed Ice, an extreme sport in which you at high speed with a gang of other madmen of a mountain schaatst and jumps off a cliff.

Because, in Flanders, only flat ijspistes, pulled Saartje to a skate park to the slopes to practice. There she fell on her wrist. After a scan, suggested to the doctor that they have a fracture in her left wrist. “That’s really a drama, “respond” to the presenter, after which she tearfully erupts.

Further, ice-skating could not be more, because a new val would be the fracture will only make matters worse. The challenge was postponed, which Saartje was only a few days ago, could compete in the Crashed Ice competition in Finland.

The result is on 14 February. After the episode of last night is Saartje on three victories and three defeats against the men.

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