Rose Moggré get to EenVandaag

4f07c4b80fdacc986ad6e70f2949d6c3 - Rose Moggré get to EenVandaag

Rose Moggré leave WNL to get started in EenVandaag. From april 1, replaces them Jojanneke van den Berge, on maternity leave.

Rose will have not only on tv, but will also the presentatieteam of Radio EenVandaag strengthen, as late as the AVROTROS know. Looking the presenter really looking forward to her new job. “I’m very much looking forward to this great journalistic challenge. After my work at good Morning Holland, I am ready to take the next step. EenVandaag on Radio and TV, is a beautiful combination that suits my journalistic ambitions.”

It is the second presenter that omroep WNL in a short time lose. Recently got Leonie ter Braak over to SBS 6.

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