Roel van Velzen hoping for lots of medals

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Roel van Velzen at the Olympic Winter games his debut as host of the Holland Heineken House. Together with Mark Tuitert Of Velzen, a duo that in the next two weeks of olympic ceremonies, it is going to present.

“Of course, I hope to very many of the olympic ceremonies, it”, says Roel. And also Mark Tuitert has high expectations. “Calm before the storm at the Holland Heineken House”, writes Tuitert on Instagram. “The orange carpet is out for all medalists.”

For Roel feels the Holland House just like coming home. “This part of the Netherlands on the other side of the world remains particular,” says Roel. He performs in the first week also with his band. Ten years ago, he did it for the first time in Beijing. Since then, he has six times occurred during the Olympic Games.


André Hazes and Di-rect will make appearances. For André it is the first time that he’s going to occur in the Holland Heineken House: “it is Exciting, but I’m really looking forward to it. It seems to me a unique experience and we go there together one fraction of.”

Di-rect performed previously in the national house, in Rio de Janeiro. “That action is really crazy. Together with the athletes and the fans, we the orange feeling again to a climax. It is great to see how not only the music but also sportsuccessen people to connect with each other,” say the musicians.

The song Legendary Lane during the olympic stage once again serve as themasong. For the Holland Heineken House in South Korea there is a special edit created by Dinand Woesthoff.

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