Reveals this gust of wind the mystery about Trumps hair?

A video of president Trump, who on board of his Air Force One does a lot of dust raised. On images is to see how a gust of wind, the already pressure discussed presidential hair in the war, making it clear how barren Trump really is.

It was journalist Ashley Feinberg’s remarkable images on Twitter posted. On the video to see how the president on board his plane. He is surprised by a strong gust of wind, that his hair greatly in the war sends.

The British newspaper The Guardian asked for an explanation to Alan Bauman, owner and founder of a haarkliniek. “I think he’s in the past couple of hair transplants has undergone to the front part of his hairline,” says the specialist. ‘He’s looking for probably also resort to powerful medication or even to a special headgear for laser therapy. He also believes that Trumps her firmly out of his skull is growing, and certainly not a hairpiece’. Though he adds immediately, ‘that he seriously what hairspray is used for its popular coupe to keep.”

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